Cristina Maya Caetano

plastic artist and writer

Cristina Maya Caetano

CRISTINA MAYA CAETANO   ARTIST STATEMENT   Cristina Maya Caetano is Portuguese, born in Angola, lived in Mozambique for some years (both old Portuguese colonies in Africa) and presently lives in Portugal between the cities of Aveiro and Pinhel. Cristina has extensive professional experience, passing from Teaching, Development Agent, Service Director, Regional and Urban Planning Higher Technical. She is a writer, a plastic artist, an illustrator and a poet. Until 2010, she used Cristina Maia Caetano as artist name and examples of that are her book “To Know the Theater in Mozambique” and chronicles “See and Feel” in newspapers of Abrantes Journal; Daily Journal of Aveiro; Pinhel…

paintings / illustrations


Interview AboutT Art Magazine, Austria, 2017. Interview by Heinz Playner, Art Curator of the Paks Gallery, Austria.

“Humanis rights”

“Humanis rights” is an acrylic painting. This painting is part of a panel that is exposed on the station of the city of Aveiro (Portugal). Read more:  
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