Cristina Maya Caetano

artista plástica e escritora




2022 July, Remington Review Summer 2022 -online literary and art journal, United Kingdom. 85 – 86 pages. Painting “Window of Ascension”.

2022 March, “Mulher Terra”, Catalog, Portugal.  


2020 July, Art Book “ARTWORLD 2020”, Palermo, Italy. Studio Byblos. Page 30.

2020 June, Al-Tiba9 Magazine, Algeria / Spain.

2020 March, March edition of Wotisart Magazine (United Kingdom).



2019, COLETÂNIA GALERIA VIEIRA PORTUENSE 2019. CORPOS EDITORA (POETIC COLLECTING, page 140, Painting “Sons of the same Mother” ).

2019 October, Kunstretreat,– Faszination weltweiter Kunst, Farbe und Meditation, Germany. Enter into Art. 25 Page.

2019, “1st Montreal International Contemporary Art Fair Galleries Only”, Catálogo, Canadá.

2019 June, “Museum Spazio Tadini”,Catalog, Milan, Italy. Curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.

2019 March, “ARTE NA RAIA II“, Portugal. Curated by Vieira Portuense Gallery. 


2018 December , “Paris Contemporary’18: Tombola”, Catalog, Paris, France.  Curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.





2018 December , “Spectrum / Red Dot Art Fair of Miami”, Catalog, Miami,USA. Curated by World Wide Art Promotion INC.

2018 December , “Art3f  Luxembourg International Contemporary Art Fair Galleries Only”, Catalog, Luxembourg. Curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.

2018 December, CreativPaper Magazine Issue 12 Vol 1. 82-85 pages.


2018 October, Art Book “To see the art – is the art to see”, European Art Museum, Denmark.

2018 October , “Antwerp International Contemporary Art Fair Galleries Only”, Catalog, Belgium. Curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.

2018 July 4, Aveiro Newspaper, Portugal. Page 26.

2018 June , “Spring Salon”, Catalog, Marocco. Curated by Elmadani Belmadani.

2018 May , “Taza Biennal”, Catalog, Marocco. Curated by Elmadani Belmadani.

2018 April, “ATIM’S Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art magazine”, New York, USA. Curated by ArtTour International Magazine. Page 127.

2018 April, “International Fair Art Nordic 2018”, Official Catalog Art Copenaghen, Denmark. Stand 25-26.

2018 February , “2018 International Masters Exhibition”, Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum, Catalog, Las Vegas, USA. Curated by  World Wide Art Books.

2018 February, “Master Classes – Taza”, Catalog, Marocco. Curated by Elmadani Belmadani.

2018 February, Art Book “International Contemporary Masters 12”, USA. Curated by Despina Tunberg, WWAB. Page 37.

2018 February,” Gli Artisti Nella Collezione Sgarbi – Cristina Maya Caetano”.

2018 February, Art Book “The First Berliner Art Book 2018”, Germany. Curated by Gabriela Caranfil.

2018 January, Art Book “Gli Artisti nella COLLEZIONE SGARBI”, Italy. Curated by EA.

2018 January, “Year 2018, Winter Issue”, New York, USA. Curated by ArtTour International Magazine. Page 103.

2018 January, “Art3f Salon International d’Art Contemporain” Blog Photo-Journalist José Lopes, Paris, France.

2018 January, “Art3f Salon International d´art Contemporain”, Catalog, Paris, France. Curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.  


2017 December, Art Book “International Polychromia”,  Palermo, Sicilia/ Italy. Curated by Dino Marasà. – Page 225.

2017, COLETÂNIA GALERIA VIEIRA PORTUENSE 2017. CORPOS EDITORA (POETIC COLLECTING, page, 80, Painting “Everything within you”).

2017 December, Parisian magazine ARALYA éditions –  has chosen one of the works of Cristina Maya Caetano to diffuse the exhibition “Contemporâneo 17 in Galerie Etienne de Causans”, curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.

2017 December, “Contemporâneo 17 in Galerie Etienne de Causans”, Catalog, Paris, France. Curated by Monteoliveto Gallery. 

2017 November, Art Book  “Current Masters 3”, USA. Curated by Despina Tunberg, WWAB. Page 40

2017 November, “Top XI Biennal Florence”, Magazine, USA. Curated by ArtTour International Magazine.

2017 November, Art Book “World Art Yearbook 2017”. Curated by International Art Festival, USA.  Page 77.


2017 november, ArtOnline. company

2017  October, Art Book “WeContemporary – The Faces of Contemporary Art. Special Edition 2017”. Curated by Musa International Art Space. Page 176.

2017 October,  “Modern Art Masters in Complex du Louvre 2017″, Catalog, Paris, França.  Page 48 – 49.

2017 October,” XI Florence Bienniale – EARTh: Creativity & Sustainability”, International Biennial of Contemporary Art XI Edition,  Catalog,  Florence, Italy. Page 172.

2017 October, Art Book “Worlds Masters of Contemporary Art – Taza Biennials since 2014”, Taza, Maroccs. Curated by Elmadani Belmadani.  Page 45 – 54.

2017, Art Book “European Museums”, Denmark.

2017, “Affiliarte Artists “, CFA (Circle Foundation for the Arts ), Video. About the artist at 00:36 secondes.

2017 September , “Premio Cittadella”, Catalog, Alexandria, Italy. page 8.

2017, September, “Premio Internazionale Berlino”, Catalog, Berlim, Germany. Curated by EA – Sandro Serradifalco. Page 93.

2017, August,  “AboutT Art Magazine”, Interview, Austria. Pages 18,-19.

2017 July, “IN @StarArt Magazine”, Fabio Gimignani and Serena K. Baldaccini (article about “l’International Art Symposium ‘PrEmio Arcimboldo-Profumo dell’Arte”), Italy. Page 10-13. 

2017 June,  Circle Spotlight Magazine –  Featured Artists, CFA (Circle Foundation for the Arts). Page 46.  

2017 June, “Circle Foundation for the Arts”, CFA Affiliate Artist, Art Magazine, France. Curated by CFA.

2017 June, “Visionart”, Gran Canaria Art Gallery, Catalog, Las Palmas, Spain. 

2017 June, “1st International Fine Art Biennial Basel”, Catalog, Basel, Switzerland.  Page 36 -37. – The video at 6:13 minutes

2017 June , “International Art Symposium Arcimboldo Prize – The Scent of Art”, Catalog, Padova, Italy. Curated by QueenArtStudio Gallery     

2017 May, “Hartexpo 2017 – International  de Arte Contemporáneo 2.ª Edición”,  Catalog, Barcelona, Spain. Curated by Francisco Torralba. Page 53.

2017 April,  Expoart Magazine– section Queen ArtStudio. Page 42.

2017 April, “Art Prize in French Riviera”, Catalog,  Cannes, France. Curated by ArtExpò Gallery.

2017 April, “ART EXPO fair NY”, USA. Curated by Art Arena Magazine.

2017 April, “World Chiado Contemporary Art Exhibition-Lisbona 2017”, Catalog, Curated by Queen Art Studio.

2017 March, Spoleto Arte Incontra New York”, Catalog, New York, USA.  Curated by Spoleto Art.

2017 March, “MeArt – Biennal Internazionale D’Arte del Mediterraneo”, Catalog, Palermo, Italy. EA. Page 274.

2017 March, “International Art Festival”, link, EUA. Http://

2017 March, Art Arena Magazine in “artist directory”; “Art fairs week” and “Global Voices”, USA. 

2017 March 31, Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. Page 11.

2017 March 31, Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. Page 5.

2017 February 28,  Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. Page 2.

2017 January, Art Book  “I. Prince Of Salina Gattopardo – Don Frabrizio section”, Catalog, Italy. Studio Byblos. Page 10.

2017  January, “Villa Lampedusa video projec”, Palermo, Sicilia, Italy. Curated by Studio Byblos.

2017 January, “EFETTO ARTE Magazine”, N,1 – Section “Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi”. Curated by EA.  Page 189.

2017 January, Mad Gallery. 




2016 December, “Premio Grande Maestro 2016”, Catalog, Palermo, Italy. Curated by Sandro Serradifilco. 138 page.

2016 December, “Primo Trofeo Internazionale Arte Impero. Parigi – Vienna – Roma”, Catalog.  Curated by Paolo Levi. 139 page.

2016 November, Art Book  ” THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS 2016”. 157 page.

2016 November, “Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi”, Catalog, Florence, Italy.  Curated by Sandro Serradifilco. 194 page.


2016 October, “EFETTO ARTE” Magazine,N.4 – Section «Arte Impero». 159 page.

2016 October, Art Book  “ITALIANI”, Selezione D’Arte Contemporanea. Curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. 170, 325 page.

2016  October, Art Book “Polychromia 2016”,  Palermo, Sicilia/ Italy. Curated by Dino Marasà. 70, 71 page.

2016 October 1-  December 2, “Arte na Raia”, Catalog, Montalegre, Portugal. Vieira Portuense  Gallery and Municipality of Montalegre. 

2016 September, “Adunanza” , Catalog, Milano, Italy. 15-16 page.

2016 September,  Art Book “European Museums”, Denmark. 59 page.

2016  July, “EA Gallery Club”,  Catalog, Palermo, Italy,  EA. 13 page.

2016 June, Effeto Arte Magazine – “D.O.C. – Artisti su cu investire”, Italy. 187 page.

2016 June, “D.O.C. – Artisti su cu investire”, Catalog, Italy. 147 and 272-273 pages.

2016 June , “In the Depth of Colours”, Catalog , Sweden. 11 and 26 pages.

2016 June, “Arte States” General  Artworks Catalog, EA, 132 pg. 

2016 May, “London Calling”, The Crypt Gallery, Catalog, London, England, Spoleto  Arte. 172 page.

2016 May “Tokyo International Art Fair”, Catalog, Tokyo, Japan (book and online

2016 April,  “Biennale Riviera del Brenta. The land of Canaletto “, General Artworks Catalog. 104 page.

2016 April, “Art History”, Catalog. Curated by EA Editore. 174 page.

2016 April “I Cimeira Luso-Galaica ” – Expressões de cidadania no feminino na Região Luso – Galaica, Catalog.

2016 April – June, Effetto Arte Magazine, section Maetri Selezione D’Arte Contemporanea. 147 page.

2016 March, Art Book “MAESTRI – SELEZIONE D’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA”. Vittorio Sgarbi. 165 page.

2016  March, Editoriale “Art Spring Festival”, M.A.D Gallery, Italy. 5 page.

2016 March, “Art Spring Festival”, Catalog, M.A.D Gallery, Italy. 14-15 page.

2016, February, “SANREMO ARTE Virtual exhibition on monitor “, Catalog, Sanremo, Italy. AD-ART.

2016, February, “Budapest Art Group Exhibition”, Catalog, Hungrary, interartex.

2016 January, “CENTRAL EUROPE FINE ART BIENNALE” , Catalog,  MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria. 34 page.

2016 January,  Art Magazine “Art International Contemporary “,  EA Editore, Italy.181 page.

2016 January, “1.º International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci – The Universal Artist”, General Artworks Catalog. Italy, EA Editore. 123 page.

2016 January 31, Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. 13 page.


2015 December , “FINE ART MASTERS PIECES”, Catalog,  MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria. . 16 page.

2015 December , “Il David di Gian Lorenzo Benini – International Art Award”, Official Catalogue, Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo. 137 page.

2015 December, “I International Prize Città di Noto  – UNESCO Heritage”, Catalog. 123 page.

2015 November, Art Book  “THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS 2015”. 242 page. 

2015 November, Art Book  “i Segnalati”,  Edinburgh, Scotland. 29-32 pages. 

2015 November 30, Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. 13 page.


2015 October, “X Florence Biennale – Arte and the polis”, Catalog, Florence, Italy. 112 page.

2015 October 30, Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. 13 page.

2015 “Artista per l’UNICEF”, Effeto Arte Magazine, September-October edition, Italy. 101 page.

2015 August, “Venezia 2015 – International Exhibition of Contemporary Art”,Catalog, Italy, Gran Art.

2015 June 26, Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. 6 page.

2015 June,”The Miami Art Expo” Catalog, Florida, USA.

2015 August 30, Pinhel Falcão Newspaper, Portugal. 14 page.

2015 May,”Kunst rendez-Vous”, Catalog, Berlin, Germany.

2015, “Il Genio dell’Arte”, Effeto Arte Magazine, March- April, Italy. 160 page.

2015 “I Biennale Barcellona”, MEAM, General Artworks Catalog, Spain. 220 page.

2015 “II Biennale Internazionale Art di Palermo”, Generale Artworks Catalog, Italy. 620 page.


2014 “Bollettino dell’Arte”, Effeto Arte Magazine, November-December edition, Italy. 267 page.

2014 “Artists Carrouse du Louvre”, Catalog, France. 172 page.

2014 “Interview”, Magazine “Entre portuguesas – Associação Mulher Migrante/20 anos”, Portugal. 12-15 pages.

2014 “The Ilusion of Reality” Catalog, Galleria de Marchi, Bologna, Italy. 38-39 pages.

2014 “Exposição Luso-Galaico”, Catalog, Chaves, Portugal.


2013 “Vienna Showcase- Int. Exhibition of Contemporary Art”, Catalog, Austria. 24 page.

2013, “Entre Portuguesas”, Interview by Daniela Moreira, Associação Mulher Migrante, Portugal. 12-15 pages.

2013 “II  Internacional Bienal Mulheres D’Artes”,  Catalog, Municipal Museum of Espinho, Espinho, Portugal.



2011 “I Internacional  Bienal “Mulheres D´Artes”,  Catalog, Municipal Museum of Espinho,  Espinho, Portugal. 

2011 “Inverno com as cores quentes da arte naif – Exposição Internacional “, Catalog, Porto, Portugal.


Antologia De Poesia Contemporânea “Entre O Sono E O Sonho”. Editora Chiado, 2009.  (Anthology Of Contemporary Poetry “Between Sleep And Dream”, 2009, page 32).

2009 June 10, Nova Guarda Newspaper, Portugal, 20 page.

2009 “Colectiva Anual dos Artistas do círculo AVEIROARTE”, Morgados da Pedricosa Gallery, Catalog December edition, Aveiro, Portugal, 16 page.


2005 “Exposição Anual do AVEIROARTE”,  Morgados da Pedricosa Gallery, Catalog November edition, Aveiro, Portugal, 16 page.


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