Cristina Maya Caetano

artista plástica e escritora




2022 July, “Francisco De Goya Award” , Certificate of Participation for outstanding artworks, Mumbai, India.



2022 July, “International Online Art Exhibition” , Certificate of Participation  for Artistic Merit, Mumbai, India.



2022 March, “Mega Art sell & Buy” , Certificate of Participation  for Artistic Merit, Mumbai, India.



2019 May, “Spring Art Show” , Certificate of Participation by Merit Artist , Taza, Morocco.



2021 May, “Taza Biennal” , Certificate of Participation by Merit Artist , Taza, Morocco.



2020 September, selected for “Painting of the year”.



2020 September, selected for  the project “Uprockpopup – Corona virus artist response international online collaborative residency”, USA.


2020 January, “Artbox Project Barcelona 1.0”, Certificate of Participation by Merit Artist , Spain/ Switzerland.



2019 September, “Friouato Biennial” , Certificate of Participation by Merit Artist , Taza, Morocco.



2019 May, “Certificate of Participation – ArtBox.Project Zürich 1.0”,  by  Artistic Merit , Zürich, Switzerland. 


2019 February, “Taza International Exhibition”, Certificate of Participation by Merit Artist “, Taza, Morocco.


2019 January, selected for Sprinted 2019 “Top Twenty Artists To  Watch”. Art Tour International.


2019 January, “Art Habens Magazine – Official selection”  , the paintings “The Brightness of New Age”,” Embrace your Inner Beauty” and “The Other Light”  have been selected for publication in the Special edition of ART Habens Art Review.


2018 October, “Taza International Exhibition”, 1st Prize, Morocco.



2018 May, “Winner of Taza Biennial 2018, May 26– 29” , 2nd Prize, Morocco.



2018 April, “ATIM’S Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art” awards, New York, USA. ArtTour International Magazine and Create 4 Peace.



2018 April, “ATIM’s Top 60 Masters presentation MNN Studios – ArtTour International TV Show”, distinction by Artistic Merit. 



2018 April, “Attestato Di Merito”, distinction in the participation “Art Nordic Fair”. 


2018 February, ” Winners of Master classes 10 -14″, 3rd Prize, Marocco.



2018 January, “Sgarbi Collection”, for artistic merit with her paintings “Embrace your Inner Beauty” and “Light Team”. Certificate of admission with motivation signed by Vittorio Sgarbi. 



2018 January, “Honorable Mention Award”,  distinction on  contestant artists “Circle Foundation Artist of the Year Award  2017”.


2017 December, “Honorable Mention Award”,  distinction on  contestant artists for Art Expo New York. Circle Foundation of Arts.


2017 November, “International Art Festival”, Certificate of Special Recognition.


2017 November,  “Certificate of Participation WeContemporary”,  by  Artistic Merit , Italy/Ukraine. Musa International Art Space.


2017 October,  “Top XI Biennal Florence Artists”   distinction by Artistic Merit, New York, USA. ArtTour International Magazine.


2017 October,  “Diploma di Participazione Biennale Florence ”,  by  artistic merit selection, Italy. Florence Biennale.


2017 Setember , “Excellence Award” distinction by Artistic Merit by Circle Quartely Magazine, France. Circle of Arts.


2017 September,  “Premio Internazionale Berlino” with her painting  “Everything within you” , Berlin, Germany. EA. 


2017 September,  “Premio Cittadella” , with her painting “Embrace Your Inner Beauty”, Alessandria, Italy. 



2017 July, “Honorable Award Friouato Biennial”,  distinction by Artistic Merit, Taza, Morocco. 


2017 July, “Milan Biennal of Art”– Certificate of Participation by Selection of Artistic Merit, Italy.


2017 June,  CFA Affiliate Artist “Certificate of the quality of the artist’s work. France. Circle of Arts.


2017 June, “Arcimboldo Prize – The Scent Of Art” – Medal and certificate of Merit,  Padova, Italy. Queen ArtStudio Gallery.



2017 April, “Trofeo Art Prize in French Riviera”, Cannes, France. Artexpò.



2017 March, “Contemporanei nelle sale del Bramante”certification by Artist Merit  with her painting “Salt Body. Sea Body”. Roma, Italy. EA.


2017 March, “Spoleto Arte incontra New York”, Declaration Criticism by  Elena Gollini by Artistic Merit. USA


2017 March, “Biennale International D’Arte Del Mediterraneo – Nomina di Ambasciatore dell’ arte” , and certificate di autenticità for Artistic Merit, with her painting “The Other Light”. Palermo, Italy. EA.



2017 January,   “1st Prince of Salinas- Gattopardo – Art Critic Award 2016”, with her painting “Being Free”.  Palermo,  Italy. Studio Byblos –



2016 December, “Grande Maestro 2016”, International award,  with her painting “Superation of Mind”, Palermo, Italy. EA.


2016 December,   “ARTE IMPERO – Paris- Vienna – Rome: First International Trophy”, with her painting “Being Free”.  Certificate of admission with critical review of Paolo Levi, and  Parchment as Artist Merit. Roma, Italy.



2016 November, “The Best Modern and contemporary Artists 2016”, with her painting ” The brightness of the New Age”,Vienna, Austria. 


2016 November, “Contemporanei nella città degli Uffizi” , International Award. Parchment as Artist Mérit with critical review of Sandro Serradifalco. With her painting ” The Brightness of the New Age”, Florence, Italy. 



2016 September, “European Art Museum”, Nominative Medal and Diploma “Ambassador of the art of your country”, Denmark. Leif Nielsen.



2016 July, “EA Gallery Club”, nominative Medal and Certificate of participation by Artistic Merit with critical review by Paolo Levi.



2016 June, “Italian Artist in the United States of America”, International  Artist recognition, with her painting “Salt Body. Sea Body”.


2016 June, “ARTIST D.O.C – Artisti su cui investire“, Distinction for “spicearte doti creative” and Certificate of Artistic Recognition, with her painting “Embrace Your Inner Beauty”, Paolo Levi.



2016 May, “Biennale Riviera del Brenta“, Parchment as artist recognition, with her painting “The Other Light”. 


2016 May, “London Calling”, certification admission for Artistic Merit. England.



2016 April, “History of Art – Artista nella storia”, International Prize and Artistic Recognition with her painting “Salt body. Sea body “. Monreale, Sicily, Italy. EA.



2016 April, ITALIAN selezione D’Arte Contemporanea – Attestatato Ammissior di Merito“, with her paintings “Pure Essence” and “The Dream.” Vittorio Sgarbi.


2016 January, “1.º International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci – The Universal Artist”, with her painting “Roses of the Soul for you”. Florence, Italy. 


2016,” Honorary Member of the Organization “Accademia Italia In Arte nel Mondo”


2015 December, “Tribute to Anne Frank”, Special Human Rights Award, Lecce, Italy. Associazione Culturale Accademia Italia Arte Nel Mondo.


2015 December, “Il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini”International Art Award,  with her painting “Pure Essence”, Accademia Italia In Arte nel Mondo.



2015 December, ”UNESCO Heritage – International Noto Award”, with her painting “Rainbow of the Soul”. EA.


2015 November, “The Best Modern and contemporary Artists 2015”, with her painting “Rainbow of the Soul”, Edinburgh, Scotland. 


2015 November, “SEGNALATI-PRIZE”, for Stylistic Value, with her paintings “Without Body” and “Meeting of the Light”. Edinburgh, Scotland.


2015 November, “Artista per l’ UNICEF”, by Artist Merit, with her painting “Etheric Creatures”. Effeto Arte (EA).


2015, “Il Genio dell’Arte”. Effeto Arte.


2014, “Artists Carrousel du Louvre”, Honorable Mention for Artist Merit, with her painting “Autumnal Flowers”. EA.


2014, “II International Biennial Art of Palermo”, Certificate of Admission for the Expressed Stylistic Value, Siciliy, Italy. EA


2013, “Vienna Showcase”, Certificate of Participation by Selection of Artistic Merit, Austria. GAA.


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