Cristina Maya Caetano

plastic artist and writer

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Cristina Maya Caetano is Portuguese, born in Angola, lived in Mozambique for some years (both old Portuguese colonies in Africa) and presently lives in Portugal between the cities of Aveiro and Pinhel.

Cristina has extensive professional experience, passing from Teaching, Development Agent, Service Director, Regional and Urban Planning Higher Technical.

She is a writer, a plastic artist, an illustrator and a poet. Until 2010, she used Cristina Maia Caetano as artist name and examples of that are her book “To Know the Theater in Mozambique” and chronicles “See and Feel” in newspapers of Abrantes Journal; Daily Journal of Aveiro; Pinhel Falcon; Online Root and FM Radio Aveiro.

She is an award-winning painter and she participates in important exhibitions in the world like: Spain; Germany; France; Italy; USA, Austria; Scotland; Sweden; Hungary; England; Japan; Portugal; Denmark; Switzerland; Morocco; Belgium; Luxembourg; Ukraine; Algeria; India. Her work is published in International specialized Magazines and Art books.

The vocation of Cristina is sensitive and lives in her spirit, intending to spread spirituality and sensitize the world for the light and love. The main themes and focus of her work consist of the invisibility of what is beyond human vision, in constant spiritual growth, conscious of the union of everything and everyone. For this, Cristina turns to the figurative with analysis and preferential study of the human being, landscapes, symbologies and to nature with special focus on flowers, plants, animals and birds. Always keeping in mind the meaning of the “objects” in study allied to what she intends to convey. Cristina transforms “what she see”, in what she “feel” with the eyes of her innerself. To these “ingredients” she mixes the abstract with the colors and their respective messages, in a harmonious color complement. In all Cristina’s work, she always give a personal and unique stamp to every painting, which she intends to stand out from the visible reality, to allow the entrance of the dream, of the  realization of ideas and the disclosure and construction of a better new world.

For Cristina art is life, light, vibration, harmony and love. Art is EVERYTHING!



1992 Graduation in Regional and Urban Plannin, Aveiro University, Portugal.

1996 Post-Graduation in European and Communitarian Studies, ISCIA, Aveiro, Portugal.

2001 Painting Workshop.

2003 Master Degree in African Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, Portugal.

2004 Monitor of Decorative Arts and in wood, Portugal.

2010 – 2014 Illustration, Creative Writing, Art History, Storytellers, Theatre, and Movie participation, Portugal. With her Little Fairy Lotus books, Cristina visited numerous schools in Portugal, telling, interacting and promoting activities with children and teachers.

2013 Taught painting classes for the elderly at the Academia de Saberes in Aveiro (Portugal).

2014 Participated in the summer project “Educura”, as a teacher of arts for children, São João da Madeira (Portugal).

2019 Interior & Garden Decorating – Talent School, Aveiro, Portugal.


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